2013 Vendors and Site Plan

Vendor List and Stall Allocation

Stall Number Business
D1 Steamworks
D2 Leather and Art
D3  Ethearel Art & Design + Aether NZ Magazine
L1 ReinKarnate
L2 Body FX
L3 Allocated
L4 Whirlwind Designs
S1 Hanley Soloway, Sutlers
S2 Button Up
S5 PixieMoon
S6 Aotearoa Steampunk Calendars
S11 Art by Martyn
S12 Allocated
S15 Allocated
S16 The Chaos inspectors.
S17 Things Unseen
S18 Madam Echo
S19 SCA Darton
S20 Steves Steam Emporium

Where you can find them on the day

whs floor plan


Sweet and Sour Wellington will be based in the foyer just after the ticketing desk so you will see them first.

Outside the Venue

This year we will have some outdoor stalls and groups, including Richter City Roller Derby and The Tower who are having a fundraising sausage sizzle.

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