AetherCon Auckland 2013


The Steampunk Convention

2013 Auckland

A big event to celebrate everything Steampunk!

AetherCon, The Steampunk Convention is proud to announce the third AetherCon convention and steampunk exhibition!

AetherCon is the largest privately organised steampunk event in New Zealand, and also amongst largest of the steampunk events in New Zealand (with “Aether and Iron” at MoTaT, and the many activities in Oamaru).

Convention Purposes:

  • To promote the steampunk movement and culture:
  • To the general public to find out what the steampunk movement is about.
  • To the existing steampunk community, so they can have resources to be more involved.
    • To contribute to and consolidate the activities of other individuals and groups throughout New Zealand, to promote and strengthen the movement throughout the country.

Convention Description:

Stalls, displays and vendors from around New Zealand, each contributing their own specialty or interest; such as:

  • On display or for sale: Steampunk couture, jewellery, hats, gadgets, clockworks, curiosities, props, music, books, etc.
  • A stall for getting started and character building.
  • A steampunk fashion contest and parade, in co-ordination with Lady Helen Steampunk and Steampunk New Zealand, of Oamaru. This is the Auckland heat of the national contest, culminating in Oamaru.
  • Steampunk celebrities and honoured guests.
  • AetherCon 2013 Auckland has plenty of space for stalls and vendors. Nominal stall holder space allocation is suitable for a table ~ 1m x 2m, which is provided, and which has ample walk-around space around it.

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