Sailing; By Sea and By Air

The fifth AetherCon is upon us!


Returning to Ellerslie Event Centre, Mykossen is hosting Sailing by Sea and Air in July.


The Facebook Event page can be found here
Tickets are available on the door or directly through Mykossen

Event Description

A big event to celebrate everything Steampunk!
AetherCon is one of the largest steampunk events in New Zealand, and is closely associated with Steampunk New Zealand (, where steampunk was founded in New Zealand, and who are the organisers of the many activities in Oamaru; and supports the festival there,, where there are many events happening this year. 
AetherCon is stalls, displays, vendors, and performances from around New Zealand, each contributing their own specialty or interest; such as: 

  • On display or for sale: Steampunk couture, jewellery, hats, gadgets, clockworks, curiosities, props, music, books, etc.
  • A steampunk parade and fashion contest, in co-ordination with Lady Helen Steampunk and Steampunk New Zealand, of Oamaru. This is the Auckland heat of the national contest, culminating in Oamaru. First prise of the Auckland heat is entry into the Oamaru national final.
  • Performances presented by steampunk movie makers and authors.
  • Steampunk celebrities and honoured guests.
  • AetherCon! 2014 Auckland has space for 44 stalls and vendors. Nominal stall holder space allocation is suitable for a table ~ 1m x 2m, which is provided, and which has ample walk-around space around it.

Dieselpunk and cyberpunk welcome. 

Convention Purposes:

  • To promote the steampunk movement and culture:
  • To the general public to find out what the steampunk movement is about.
  • To the existing steampunk community, so they can have resources to be more involved.
  • To contribute to and consolidate the activities of other individuals and groups throughout New Zealand, to promote and strengthen the movement throughout the country.
  • To bring like minded folks together, and provide them with ways to network, find out more, and find out what else steampunk is available in New Zealand.

Ticketing Information

Adults (15 years and older) $10
Children (5 – 14 years) $5
Under 5’s Free

Convention Contacts

Director: Mykossen
Phone:  021 0287 4425

2iC: Lady Sin

Stall Holders confirmed:

Stall Holder Online Contacts Description
Laura Halliwell Steampunk high tea.
Steamworks We build interesting things, for interesting folk. Props. Models. Replicas. Collectables. Artworks. Display items for your wall, cool costume weapons for your holster… Here you’ll find info and pictures about various creations we’re currently working on. Much of it Steampunk related, but there’ll be some sci-fi, fantasy, horror and gothic themed items as well… and probably a few things that are just plain odd. 🙂 Commissions for custom work, one-offs, etcetera are happily accepted – just send a private message and we’ll work something out.
The Asockalypse
Twitter: @theasockalypse
Imagine a world where cold feet and blue toes no longer exist, where every outfit is accompanied by awesome leg-wear, where fun and fashionable socks are affordable, comfortable and delivered straight to your door. We’re an online store based in New Zealand specialising in leg-wear for sockaholics and wicked soles. The Asockalypse offers secure online shopping 24 hours a day, whether you’re in downtown Auckland or holed up in an underground bunker somewhere in the Ural Mountains.
Steff Metal
Steff Metal is an award-winning writer, artist and heavy metal maiden behind the popular blog, Alongside her novel, “At War With Satan,” (available from Amazon and Kobo), Steff will be celebrating the launch of her new novel, “The Sunken,” a steampunk dark fantasy set in an alternative Georgian London where dinosaurs still survive and engineers are worshipped as Gods. “The Sunken” is the first of a four-part series exploring the clash of religion, nature and science in a nation on the cusp of an industrial revolution. Steff will have copies of both novels for sale, along with some artwork. She’ll also be conducting a writing workshop during the day and participating in the author performances.
Simon Lee
“The Fall of Mars”
Author of ‘The Fall of Mars’. A cross-genre blend of steampunk, horror and space opera.
In an alternate reality Victorian England a scientist, Theodore Zimmer, discovered an element that revolutionised technology. Zimmerite enabled energy which exists in the void between basic constituents of matter to be tapped. Guided by void thaumatists, those rare individuals capable of sensing the void directly, ships equipped with void engines were able to ply the sky routes between continents. For those who could afford it, the world was now accessible, opening up trade and communications with nations as diverse as the Mayan Empire and America.
Stella 459
This page chronicles the open development of a sci-fi short movie, giving you insight into the trials and tribulations of low-budget movie making, and the creative process.  Plot outline: Three small-time crooks attempt to pull off the heist of a life-time and rob the Jupiter to Earth freight express, Stella 459.  This page is intended to chronicle the entire development and pre-production phase of a sci-fi short movie (and hopefully, the subsequent production). I encourage ideas, conversation and participation by all interested people.
Cognite Jewellery
Handcrafted unique and original steampunk inspired jewellery. We design and manufacture our jewellery items in New Zealand. All of our products are handcrafted with a lot of love and attention. They chains are either brass or alloy and the pendants earrings etcetera are made of pewter and electroplated in either antique brass or antique copper.
Krakens Lair (Steampunk Whangarei) Trinkets and treasures from Northland’s Krakens Lair; a steampunk community for those in Whangarei, Northland and surrounding districts. To enjoy the aesthetic of Victorian science fiction, dressing well, good manners, tea parties and having fun.
A gathering place for like minded souls to express their desire to return to a time that never was, where the monsters are huge, men can be Gentlemen, the dresses are stunning and the weapons extremely beautiful and deadly. Where your inner self emerges your persona comes alive.
Linda M. McCarthy Costumier Steampunk clothing and accessories.
Frontier Costume Leather Work, Costume and Art Finishing.
Frontier is a one stop shop for all leather work, costume and art finishing. We specialise in fantasy, historic and film replicas. Our work is featured in many feature films and tv series. Most recently, we are noted for our art finishing and costume builds for “Spartacus,” the Starz tv series. Our armour is built from leather, hardened, dyed painted, then aged, achieving a realistic grunge metal finish. There is no limit to what we can achieve, whether it be a brass, copper, steel or iron finish. Everything we create has specialist final finishing, resulting in a true to life appearance. We can replicate any of your favourite pieces, whether they are from film, video games, comic books, or your own design. Whatever your needs, you can rely on a top, film quality piece.
Steampunk and Victorian inspired costumes, clothing and accessories.  Northwic is a solo venture specialising in steampunk and Victorian influenced costumes and fashion. H I love to create beautiful things, but there’s no point in making them if they just sit all lonesome in my workroom. So, take a look, feel free to comment or make suggestions, and I’ll try to keep it interesting.
Whim Whams by Ann Dugmore For the creation of fantastic notions and fancies. Selling Ephemera discovered here, there and everywhere. Articles of apparel, accoutrements and oddments for your own constructions.
Vanessa Admiral Jewellery
Handcrafted steampunk and vintage jewellery designs. Necklaces rings, earrings, hats, etcetera, sure to complement any dress.
3D Workshop
Signs, moulds, sculptures, engineering, cnc, vacuum forming, interesting stuff. An unlimited number of materials are available, such as glass, acrylic, aluminium, pvc, hardwood, hdu, stainless steel and more.
Immram – The Voyage of the Corvus Corrone, and Nuut, the Web Series, by Matthew Pitt, .

The story of the Immram album began on the morning of January 31st 1975 when a mysterious parcel arrived at reception desk of the fledgling Akashic Records label based in Paris.

Welcome to the vibrant, brutal and unpredictable Wuuld. Nuut lives here, keeping ahead of the game and doing everything she can to become the greatest there is. Imagine your body could take on “upgrades” that instantly added astounding new abilities. Now imagine that you can’t predict what ability that upgrade will actually give you. Would you still take the risk? This is the world Nuut and her friends, family, revellers and enemies live in every day.

Sir Kevin L. Middleton Esq. of Cambridge Ray guns and memorabilia
Hanley Soloway, Sutlers Hanley Soloway, Sutlers make, trade, repair and restore costumes, props, gadgetry and nick-nacks, focusing on but not limited to science fiction and steampunk subjects.
Créations Perpétuelle
Hand-made steampunk creations and contraptions!
Lenny’s Lapidary Locally hand made custom jewellery, gemstones, and my own sourced stone cutting supplies.  Lenny’s Lapidary is a custom jewellery and stone cutting business. I am Lenny and I started cutting stone as a hobby. After winning some first place prizes in the New Zealand National stone cutting competitions I started cutting stones for local jewellers and making some of my own jewellery to feature my stones. My work is hand made, in my basement work shop (which my wife calls my “man cave”). All jewellery at Lenny’s Lapidary is hand made, locally in Auckland New Zealand. Most of our stones are hand cut from stones hand collected from rivers and beaches. Most of our metal is recycled silver and gold. As much as possible we try to use sustainable methods.
Gymmstone and Treacle Couture Attire of the gothic, Victorian and dark steampunk variety, including hats, jewellery and accessories, along with the occasional gadget. A Christchurch collective of established designers working on designs for a dark but beautiful cross-media project. Contact us here or at



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